c0re Magazine is a free magazine for IT Experts in the field of Software Quality. It is a project of independent Testers and Quality Experts with the support of SJSI and GASQ.

Our aim is to have a successful free magazine with interesting articles for QA community.

Together with c0re Polish, there is also c0re English published. c0re English is dedicated for a global community.

The content

In c0re you will find articles written by international experts, grouped within four basic sections:

  • Software engineering - topics which cover requirements collecting and analysis, designing, software development life cycle, development methods, change management, configuration management etc. *
  • Software testing - practical aspects related to testing - techniques, methods, tools.
  • Quality in project - quality assurance and control on the process level.
  • Management - for those, who are involved in QA team leading, project and process management.

In addition, there are other sections: book's reviews, notifications about events and conferences, tools' reviews and comparisons, tips & tricks, feuilletons.